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Will our future truly be determined by the dynamic capabilities of AI—Artificial Intelligence? We hear it will influence our daily lives at home, schools, and work, whether we’re based in academia, SMEs, or large multinational businesses. But what does this AI have in common with another type of AI, the strategic opportunities between Australia-India?

Down Under, as we’re looking to secure the future of our next generation, a different tectonic shift is ongoing with a strategic AI—Australia-India. The Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP), together with nine (9) related agreements signed on 4 June 2020 between both countries, is opening up opportunities across a broad spectrum of areas and industry sectors.

Artificial Intelligence and Australia-India partnerships alike have the potential to affect many areas and industry sectors. Imagine the possibilities for healthcare, defence and security matters. Consider the options available for critical minerals, renewable energy, innovation and research, space, geospatial, maritime sectors, agricultural production and food security, and even our daily mental health issues!

How do we foster regional AI outcomes (of the Australia-India type)?

Two dynamic, democratic, middle-power countries straddle the vast Indian Ocean Region maritime domain on both sides.

Maybe getting AI outcomes for both is like wine-tasting?

Enabling outcomes between Australia and India starts with preliminary discussions. This means sniffing out the right guidance, getting a professional taster by undertaking basic diagnostics, and identifying good matches with potential partners in both countries.

Or is our AI relationship more like an arranged marriage?

Performing preliminary due diligence and forensics is like the traditions of Indian arranged marriages. Falling in love with the right partners is based on mutual trust and a deeper understanding of cultural sensitivities. Getting the right strategic advice ensures we create long-term partnerships with win-win results for all parties.

We achieve simpler entry and exit strategies by developing effective networks across our mutual markets, and by working with regulatory agencies in both countries. This enables you to develop profitable products and services with suitable logistics plus delivery mechanisms in both places.

Cricket, curry and festivities…

And once the wine tasting is over, buy the full bottle to enjoy over a good curry and celebrate the dividends from a successful partnership.

Matthew Hayden and Mahadevan Shankar

Matthew Hayden and Mahadevan Shankar after the cricket (image by author)

Sure, our AI relationship might embody competitiveness, just as on the cricket field. But we can respectfully agree to disagree with each other on the pitch, while celebrating the festivities off the pitch with a chilled Aussie or Indian drink at the pub. Follow it up with a mouth-watering, lip-smacking, authentic, curried culinary delights. Your business, and tucker, options are as diverse as the northern Himalayan ranges to the southernmost tip of Kanyakumari, or from Kutch in the West to Kibithu in the East.

After all, the mutual cultures of our two great nations were once part of the great Gondwana continent over a million years ago. We continue to share many common cultural bonds among our First Nations people. We share the same warmth with the many migrants who have travelled from all continents into both our countries, making it their homes over the past few thousand years.

Seeking a strong regional AI outcome (of the Australia-India kind)?

If you and your business see positive future business opportunities within the aforesaid AI space, reach out to us at AI—Arzuh International.

Share your story with us over a warm cup of masala chai. Let us support your desired journey, and help plant a few seeds along the way. We can open up our combined networks to flow like the mighty Ganges or Indus rivers. We can help you expand like the mighty Narmada or Krishna rivers, creating fertile soil along their paths. Together, we can create Actual Impact (aka AI!) for your stakeholders and the next generation.

We at Arzuh International are on hand to listen, guide and advise your organisation with the best professionals, industrialists, government contacts, and regulatory guidance. Discover the most suitable entry and exit strategies to start and grow your businesses in both AI markets!


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