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Access the right advisor with in-depth experience and trusted local connections to advance your international expansion

Following decades of groundwork across India, Australia, PNG, and broader Eurasia, Arzuh International brings you:

        • Business relationship introductions
        • Uncompromising professionalism
        • Practical experience across key industries


Arzuh International provides strategic and transaction advisory services for every step of your enterprise growth.

Key Services Include:

Corporate Finance

We help you assess, manage and action your financing and capital structure requirements.

We offer tools and analysis geared to securing the foundations, preparing for expansion and achieving the increase in value you’re seeking.

Corporate Restructuring

As the markets you operate in change and evolve, we help you stay in optimum shape through proactive review of your legal, financial, operational and team structures.

We support you to withstand and leverage current and future challenges and opportunities.

Governance & Risk Management

Prevention is always better than heightened awareness in hindsight. We offer comfort that your controls, processes and systems support good governance and manage inherent, operational and commercial risk.

We don’t only identify unaddressed risks, we also seek out opportunities to maximise value and improve operations, especially when you’re not there to oversee it yourself.

Due Diligence

Expansion opportunities take many shapes and forms.

We work with you to appraise opportunities, existing businesses, and the future commercial potential of your plans for expansion.


Forensic Investigations

When overseeing cross-border transactions and multiple local operations, business doesn’t always run smoothly despite your best efforts.

We offer on-the-ground, knowledgeable analytics and forensic accounting to ensure you address local risks and issues thoroughly and discreetly.

outcomes from connections, knowledge, and resources

Strategic Transaction Advisory Services

Every transaction needs strategic thinking and out-of-the-box solutions.

Arzuh International identifies the key challenges, key opportunities, and key stakeholders. Then we get the ball rolling.

We master complexity to provide tailored cross-border and industrial solutions. 


Arzuh STAS

Our Experiences include the Following Key Sectors

Mining  |  Energy  |  Infrastructure

Oil & Gas  Defence & Space  Banking & Finance

Manufacturing  |  Healthcare  |  Tourism 

Education   Logistics  |  Telecommunications

Additional Professional Services

Start-up Mentoring and Advisory  |  Recruitment Services

Think Tank  |  Commodity Trading  |  Imports and Exports




Arzuh International provides strategic and transaction advisory services for every step of your enterprise growth