Australia India Alliance

June 2023

Why the ‘AI’ in Australia-India is Creating Successful Alliances

Will our future truly be determined by the dynamic capabilities of AI—Artificial Intelligence? We hear it will influence our daily lives at home, schools, and work.

Down Under, as we’re looking to secure the future of our next generation, a different tectonic shift is ongoing with a strategic AI—Australia-India.

Artificial Intelligence and Australia-India partnerships alike have the potential to affect many areas and industry sectors. Read on to explore the possibilities…


May 2023

How Chartered Accountants Overcome Adversity Using a Few Powerful Traits

Average accountant? Bean counter? A safe choice, maybe? How does such a dull-sounding occupation create so many choices for our careers? Find out the few powerful traits that
help chartered accountants break away from the crowd. Read the full article here


April 2023

How India and Australia March Ahead In Step

In April 2022, I wrote about how two of the largest middle power
democratic countries of the Southern hemisphere – Australia and India – will
start navigating more ways across the vast Indian Ocean Region, creating
synergies not witnessed before, opening significant opportunities. Both
countries signed a historical IndAus #ECTA agreement on 02 April 2022, a most
auspicious day for it was the start of Navratri festival and first business day
in the Indian businesses Financial Year. You can read the full article here.

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