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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

You receive first-class, customised solutions because we tap into the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and integrity through our global, independent, professional network.

With the aim of being your go-to provider of solutions, you can rest assured that you’re getting strategic inputs, practical execution, and winning outcomes.

We deliver because we live by our core values:

  • Empower and Trust
  • Think Universally
  • Deliver Locally
  • Talk Frankly
  • Play to Win
Your Success
Your Success

Our story

The name “Arzuh”, originating from Persia, means “Desire”.

At Arzuh International, all we want is to support you to achieve your desire for valuable corporate stakeholder outcomes.

Ever since Arzuh International was established in 2007 in India’s financial capital of Mumbai, we have been successfully advising small, medium, and large conglomerates with operations across all continents and industry sectors.

Since 2013, Arzuh Group has run its global headquarters out of Brisbane, Australia.

Arzuh’s senior advisors offer opportunities and advice using operational and advisory experience gained across multiple jurisdictions in Eurasia and Australia.

Arzuh’s professional connections open doors to extensive international business networks and knowledge.

Mahadevan Shankar

Arzuh International’s Founder CEO, Mahadevan Shankar, has a successful 30+ year career as a Board Member, Big 4 Accounting Firm Partner, Business Executive, Investor, Start-Up Co-Founder, and Strategic Advisor. 

His biggest achievements come from bringing together smart, practical, forward-thinking teams and leaders to create incredible outcomes in an international environment.

He started out as a Chartered Accountant, qualifying in both India and Australia, and built his experience across multiple sectors and economies including Australia, Canada, India, Papua New Guinea, South Pacific countries, Russia, Central Asian Region, and Africa.

He uses his knowledge and experience to create cross-functional and cross-border collaborations to help you achieve stellar results.

Every year, he comes across incredible enterprises attempting audacious goals in search of big returns. And nothing gives him more satisfaction than seeing you reach your full potential and the positive flow-on effects to your teams and community.

As a core member and regular contributor to several reputed Think Tanks, Business Councils, and Chambers of Commerce in India, Australia, and Papua New Guinea, he shares erudite, discerning analysis and provides input on strategic and business issues.

Mahadevan Shankar Arzuh

Professional Experience

Every day,  geopolitical issues emerge, and we witness the impact of global and localised disruption. And the surprising thing?

Every obstacle is an opportunity to test what we’re made of. Every challenge is an opportunity in disguise.

Our focus is helping you reach the next step in your business expansion and achieve the long-term outcomes to secure your future.

Our core values focus on delivering outstanding outcomes for you

Arzuh International offers expert guidance and a tailored approach to your circumstances to achieve global success and local engagement.